Growing forward

Growing is a process. And in an increasingly complex world there is an ever-present need for knowing how to live well, and the meaning often lies in the spaces between. Space between physical and spiritual, between self and soil, between work and play. Diving into the complexity comes from learning how to grow forward.

TEDx Levi Gardner - Cultivating Hope

Cultivating Hope

Beyond the food it produces, tending the land taps into a primal and hardwired metaphor of being alive: the process of growing. Urban Farmer and Educator Levi Gardner explores how building a community farm dives into much deeper questions of purpose and meaning. Across beliefs and ideas, race and religion, these spaces are much more than the fruits and vegetables they produce. In a culture of fear, cynicism, doubt and wounds, they are boldly and bravely cultivating hope.

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Building Community

Urban Roots is a community farm, market, and education center in Grand Rapids, MI. Founded by Levi in 2013, the organization is committed to a regenerative model that fosters empowerment over charity, stewardship over dominance, and community over privatization.